Dutch Cash Rebate

The Dutch government has greenlit the country’s first film incentive: the Netherlands Filmproduction Incentive, a cash rebate available to local and foreign productions.

The applicant may be eligible for a contribution to production costs that are spent in the Netherlands. The contribution up to 35% of such expenditure to a maximum of 1,5 million per application. These are expenses that relate only to costs necessary for the realization of the film and therefore have the goal of completing the film, in this case postproduction.

Full sound design projects as well as partial assignments including sound editing, ADR recording and re-recording mixing in our mixing stage are qualifying spends under the terms of the new Netherlands Filmproduction Incentive.

Posta has co-producing options available to Dutch or international feature films regarding postproduction, under the condition the film is financed in combination with the Netherlands Filmproduction Incentive (cash-rebate).
We consider each project individually. Please contact us about your specific funding requirements, and options available to you.