Dolby Atmos

Next to 7.1 and 5.1 multichannel mixing, Posta offers full immersive “3D” Dolby Atmos mixing. The Atmos stage is calibrated by Dolby and gives the creative team far superior dramatic tools to create more depth and detail to a filmproject then ever before. 36 Meyer Sound speakers ensure a distortion free immersive experience which translates perfectly to Dolby Atmos Theatres around the globe. Ask for the possibilities and higher exposure for your film distribution.


The final stage of your filmproject. This is where all creative decisions come together. Using great and calibrated monitoring, the latest tactile controller and plugins, Posta offers the highest possible standard to finalize your filmproject ready for release.

Sound Design

Posta lives and breaths sounddesign. Ranging from very delicate author’s films to blockbusters in full effect, our sounddesigners are experienced and creative where it counts: in the narrative of the film.
Using digital and analog tools, Posta believes in a dedicated approach for each film.


We work with rewarded, very known foley artists around the world. Besides Dutch foley artists we very much like to invite the best artists from Europe, and sometimes beyond. Foley is the life of your character in your film, this can only be done by the most experienced and best artists in the field.


Automatic Dialog Replacement is not so automatic. Posta offers great acoustics and a wide range of microphones to match the setsound mic’s in order to make the gap between sync sound and ADR as small as possible. Our dialog editors are very experienced in preparing ADR sessions to make sure the actual recording feels seemless and natural to the actor and director.


Due to Posta’s extensive film experience, commercial directors and creatives can take advantage of our vision to sound for picture. This approach delivers dramatic and fresh sound ideas to your commercial.

Audio Post Producing

Sometimes your budget is limited, and a post supervisor is not available for your complete post production period. This is where Posta can help you with the audio post production part. Our inhouse producers take care of your scheduling with dialog editors, sounddesigners, foley artists, re-recording mixers, viewings, budgeting, place of stay for director’s, well… you get the picture.

Source Connect

We like to source connect around the globe to record actors wherever they are. But this is a bi-directional route, so we can record your actor in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) or Antwerp (Belgium) as well. Wherever you are.

Picture Services

FeverFilm offers picture post-production services for fiction films, documentaries and TV series.
Together with Posta we are unique in offering high-end picture as well as sound finishing under the same roof.
FeverFilm is founded by filmmakers who are passionate about films and documentaries.

We are equipped with the largest 4K DCI grading set-up in The Netherlands and very experienced in delivering internationally to cinemas, platforms and stations. Our in-house producers ensure a seamless production and steer the creative team. We are very proud of our international track record and many prize-winning productions.