Dolby Atmos stage

The Atmos mixing stage is our pride and joy. Equipped with a Meyer Sound Acheron EXP 36 speakersystem and a 4K Barco projector projecting on a 10 meter wide screen, this is the definitive place to finalize your filmproject at the highest technical standard available today.

Premix stages

The premix stages are roomy and equipped with 5.1 monitoring systems to prepare filmprojects in detail to the final mix. Filters, compressors and reverbs are applied here, so they are all available. Televison series are final mixed at the premix stages as well.

Sound editorial

No mix can live without sound. At the sound edit suites all dialog editing, fx editing, foley sweetening and sounddesign is created. The suites are fully equipped with Protools HDX or HD Native and 5.1 / LCR monitoring. A range of plugins for creative sounddesign is available.

Foley stage

The Foley stage has a strange shape.. A triangle shape is chosen to give the room acoustics a natural feel. This is a welcome effect for foley mixer who like to add depth and room through adding the actual room in the foleymix.
There’s a wet corner, floors, stairs and a bunch of messy garbage to get the sound the film needs.