This Is Where Reconstruction Starts at IFFR

Thursday January 21st 2016

Six films of leading international filmmakers have created short films within the theme 'post-war reconstruction'. We have sound designed and final mixed the films at our studio in Amsterdam, it was very nice to collaborate with these inspiring directors from all over the world! The premiere of these shorts will be at IFFR on Monday the 1st of February.

Gardeners by Mira Fornay - sound design: Stefan Meutstege, mixage: Rosanne Blokker

A sunny day by Ying Liang - sound design: Maria Kramer, mixage: Rosanne Blokker

This is not a song of hope by Daniel Aragão - sound design: Django Kroon, mixage: Rosanne Blokker

Mosaic by Guido van Driel - sound design: Tijn Hazen, mixage: Rosanne Blokker

Honey and old cheese by Yassine El Idrissi - sound design: Fabian Ort, mixage: Rosanne Blokker

Where is Kurdistan? by Aboozar Amini - sound design: Mark Glynne

This Is Where Reconstruction Starts at IFFR